Keychain Game FAQ; and

Version 1.5; January, 1998

Copyright (c) 1998 Galen T. Kamatsu, Robert A. Worne and Clinton R. Dyer

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Table of contents:

I. Introduction
a. What are keychain games?
b. Our thoughts re. keychain games
II. Where can I get keychain games?
a. Stores that may be near you
b. Places on the Web
III. Keychain game list/information
a. Different types of games
1. Brick Games
2. Non-Tamagotchi, Non-Brick Games
3. Tamagotchi-like
b. Different Logics
1. Tamagotchi Logic
2. Giga-Pet Logic
3. Giyaoppi Logic
4. Other possible Logics
IV. Game List/Descriptions
a. Domestic and Foreign Virtual Pets
b. Non-Pet Brick Games
c. Non-Pet, Non-Brick Games
V. Other interesting utilities/Miscellaneous

I. Introduction

Ia. What are keychain games?

Keychain games are small self-contained LCD games whose sizes range from that of a Zippo lighter to a deck of playing cards with an LCD display that measures from 1"x1" to 1"x1.5". These games originated from Japan, and evolved to this state over: 1) a need to be compact, for portability, and 2) something to play on the train/subway on the way to/from school or work. Keychain games have started to make headway into the US with the recent releases of Tetris Jr., Nano-Pets, Giga-Pets, and Tamagotchi.

Ib. Our thoughts

These games are fun to play and collect. They have a playability much like that of the old VFD games in a much smaller package (and much longer battery life!). They are relatively cheap to obtain ($9.95 US for most domestic keychain games and $13.95 for most foreign models). Unfortunately for US collectors, most of these foreign games can be found only in Chinatown (or better, a Little Tokyo). Most keychain games are either Tetris variants or Tamagotchi-like virtual pets.

I would agree that they're fun to collect. Heck, for me, if it's a game, it's fun to collect. Play wise, however, most of them are the same! One more feature or a different character doesn't make a new game in my opinion (it's like releasing a Sonic game with Mario put in his place). The games that really stand out for me are the non-Tamagotchi rip-offs and the non-Tetris (block) games. Those are what keychain gaming should be about. Sadly, however, the list below contains very few of those. Maybe, once the whole Tama thing has settled down, companies will realize that keychain gaming is here and there's a lot of money to be made in it. In fact, several US companies have started to see the potential. Tiger has made one (granted, a Tama rip-off - might as well start with something?), Micro Games has gotten into the act with 4 that I've found so far and Playmates has released the Nano series of games. I'm just really curious as to WHY Tiger and Playmates were allowed to completely and totally steal Tamagotchi's concept. I wonder if anyone from Bandai is saying "Hey, that's a Tamagotchi with a [insert farm animal here]".

<beep> <beep> <beep> <beep>

II. Where can I get keychain games?

IIa. List of stores that carry them

Toys R Us,
KayBee Toy Stores,
Electronics Boutique,
Sanrio stores,
Longs Drugs,
Japanese bookshops,
In Chinatown: check out variety stores (those that carry videos, and comic books)
Little Tokyo: just about anywhere, but variety stores are the best bet.
Shirokiya, Daiei, High Performance Kites, Liberty House dept. stores (Hawaiian stores)
Heck, just about anywhere these days!

IIb. Places on the web that sell them

The best place I've found is:
They've got a TON of virtual pets for sale, including some that are exclusive. Warning, it takes a LONG time to load the page.

III. Game list/etc.

IIIa. Different types of games

1. Brick games:
These games feature brick type games, and have displays that are reminiscent of the old Microvision display. They usually have some form of level and high-score storage. They are quite limited graphics-wise, but can still be quite entertaining. The types of games available are:

a. Tetris: (and a multitude of Tetris variations)
b. "Snake and Egg": you are a snake and must eat the egg, but if you do, your body grows longer! The snake dies if it touches the side of the playfield or its own body.
c. Shooting Gallery: various games in which you shoot at advancing targets on the top of the screen, including "reverse Tetris", where you have to shoot blocks upwards to fill the lines.
d. Car Race: race among obstacles and avoid crashing. Graphics look somewhat like the Atari 2600 game "Street Racer"
e. Breakout: with a paddle and ball, remove a row or pattern of bricks from the top of the screen.
f. Tank Battle: match wits with a computer controlled tank for one-on-one battle.

2. Non-Tamagotchi, Non-Brick games:
These games feature fixed themes, and quite a few are mini-arcade games. Some of these games (particularly those by Bandai) have multiple screens and virtual screens that are larger than that of the visible playfield, opening music themes, and other features such as Pac-Man's intermissions and Bomberman boss levels! They also usually have a battery-backup memory that allows storage of the highest level completed and the high score.

3. Tamagotchi-like
The Tamagotchi is a virtual pet, and for simplicity's sake, all virtual pet keychains fall into this category. This type of game is also the most copied of all the keychain types due to the extreme popularity of the Tamagotchi in Asia. In these games, you hatch some sort of creature from an egg (usually a dog, cat, or dinosaur) and the creature lives from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the care and attention it receives. These games come in three major subtypes, each classified by the name of the game in which the variation first occurs (this is based on the most widely available game that shares that type, or, if there is no equivalent US type, the game in which the variation first appears). Currently, there are three versions of virtual pet logic, Tamagotchi-type, Giga-Pet-type, and Giyaoppi-type.

IIIb. Different Logics

1. Tamagotchi Logic
Tamagotchi logic is: 7 game options, Food (Meal, Snack), Lights (on/off), Game (left-right guessing), Medicine, Omaru (flush feces), Scale (check health), and Discipline. Tamagotchi logic keychains usually have 3 buttons on the face. Examples: Tamagotchi, Dinosaur

2. Giga-Pet Logic
Giga-Pet logic is: 7 game options, Food (healthy nutritious or snack), Bath (clean up feces-- shows toilet, and give critter an actual bath), Game (2 variations-- some sort of "catch" or race game, and either a left-right guessing game or rock-paper-scissors), Lights (on/off), Discipline, Medicine, and Scale (check health). Two sub-types of Giga-Pet logic exists, either the critter dies and becomes an angel (Giga-Pet), or packs up and runs away from home (Nano-series, Virtual Pet, and most others). Giga-pet logic keychains usually have 4 buttons (or more) on the face. This is seemingly the most prolific variation to be found. If the imitation is of a dog or cat it may very well be a Giga-Pet logic. The Nano-Baby variation has an interesting game start animation that shows the happy couple banging their heads together to produce offspring. Examples: Giga-Pet series, Nano Series, Nekotcha, Pocket Puppy, Virtual Pet

3. Giyaoppi Logic
Gyaoppi logic is: 9 game options, Food (Meat, Vegetable, Water), Game1 (left-right guessing), Medicine, Discipline, Game2 (Over/Under 7 guessing), Weather (Rain, Sun, Snow), Sweeper (remove feces), Scale (check health), and Lights (on/off). Some relatively minor variations of Gyaoppi logic exist, and certain items such as food types may vary, but the variations all follow this basic idea. Giyaoppi logic keychains usually have 3 buttons on the face. Examples: Giyaoppi, Bird Watching, Chicknotch

4. Other possible logics
There are three other games which have surfaced that may be significantly different from the three previously mentioned logics, Ganbare! Ryuuta-kun, Raku-Raku Dino-kun and Pocket Love. Ganbare! Ryuuta-kun has basically Giga-pet logic, but with the difficulty greatly increased. Raku-Raku Dino-Kun appears to be of the Giga-Pet variety, and shares many of the Giga-Pet features, and is tentatively a member of the Giga-Pet group unless further investigation warrants another class for this game. Pocket Love is not a virtual pet at all, but a virtual relationship simulator. Game play revolves around keeping the happy couple happy. It probably falls in one of the above three groups, but it is mentioned here as another possibility.

IV. Game list/descriptions

IVa. Domestic and Foreign Virtual Pets:

These pets can grow up to 199 years old if you treat them correctly. The chicken comes in white, the dinosaur comes in blue and yello and the penguin comes in blue.

-8-in-1 Mini Game
Raise one of 8 possible pets (user selectable), a fish, crab, butterfly, pigeon, chicken, dinosaur, kitten or puppy. Make your pets happy by dancing with them (no kidding). Comes in a heart shaped case or a regular oval case and is available in pink, white, red or light blue.

-Akachan (Baby)
A three-button virtual pet. No further description available.

No further information is available

-Baby Byte (See Sweet Baby for a better description)

These games actually use sprites to make up specific parts of the faces to allow for more realistic expressions and faces. These both come in a variety of different see-through colors.

Another virtual puppy. Comes in a puppy-shaped case.

-Bird Watching
This series takes the "virtual chicken" as the US press mis-represented the Tamagotchi quite literally. This game comes in a white egg-shaped case with a chick body on the front. This game uses Giyaoppi logic.

-Chicknotch aka Chicklet
This is another "virtual chicken" game. It is identical to the Bird Watching, except that the name and packaging differ, and the artwork is slightly changed. This game uses Giyaoppi logic. Comes with a keychain chain and a necklace chain.

-Chick Duck
Virtually the same as the "Bird Watching" except that you raise a duck instead of a chicken.

-Chikku Dakku
Description unavailable.

Made most likely from the same factory as Giyaoppi, you raise a large bird of prey (Owl?).

-Cool Doggy
Description unavailable.

-Digital Monster (DigiMon)
Bandai's new entry into the virtual pet market. Raise a virtual monster, then link it with your friends' and have them fight to the death. These have been released in the US as DigiMon and come in 4 different colors.

-Dinkie Dino
The clock function gains about two minutes per day, but it does not allow you to reset the time without starting over. (...however once in a while the game has "frozen" and gone into the time set mode, and resumes as normal.) It comes in Red, White, Yellow, and Aqua.

Raise a dinosaur. Comes in white, gold, clear green and clear orange.

Raise a dinosaur. Comes in white only.

-Dinky Dino
Exact same thing as Dinkie Dino, with a different name.

Raise a virtual dinosaur pet. Appears to come from the same factory as
Hiyoko/Baby Chicken.

-DNA Fish
Raise a fish in this multi-colored game.

-DNA Human
Raise a human in this game obviously made by the same company that did the DNA Fish. Possible outcomes include: sportsman, robber, doctor, worker, businessman, family man and death (I just want to know one thing… What does it take to make him a businessman, so I won't do it!). Comes in white only.

A three-button virtual pet. Further description unavailable.

Comes in multiple colored case with three buttons.

-Duckland aka Kalugamo Land Game
Raise a virtual duck. Comes in white, pink or green.

-E-Pet Game: Puppy
Description unavailable.

Imitation of Gojirappa.

-Ganbare!! Inudakun
This game features 3 buttons and various colors. A wristwatch version also exists. Virtually the same as the Ganbare! Ryuuta-kun only you raise a puppy instead of a dinosaur/dragon. This game uses Giyaoppi logic.

-Ganbare!! Ryuutakun
This game features 3 buttons and various artwork, from a plain plastic case to a sculpted egg with a dinosaur/dragon head poking out of the top. A wristwatch version also exists. This game uses Giyaoppi logic.

-Gatcha Gatcha Juuban Shoubu
Description Unavailable

-Giga Pets
101 Dalmatians
Baby T-Rex (Jurassic Park)
Bit Critter
Compu Kitty
Computer Koala
Digital Doggie
Floppy Frog
Little Mermaid
Micro Chimp
Virtual Alien

These all come in a variety of odd-shaped clear cases. While the themes vary widely, gameplay on all the pretty much the same. Unlike the Nano series of games, these pets eventually die. Toys R Us has released special Gold versions of the Doggie and Kitty. In addition, there is a Barbie version of the Kitty that was a special mail-in when you bought a Barbie.

-Giga Pets - Star Wars

These new pets allow a greater variety of gameplay than most other virtual pets. Each specific game has a large variety of games that changes as the character grows. Overall, these are quite cool and they are Star Wars, so even if they weren't, it wouldn't matter.

This game comes in a variety of color schemes (approximately 6), and two known shapes, the more common ovoid shape, and a kidney-shaped shell. Raise a virtual dinosaur hatchling from an egg to adulthood. This game has several possible outcomes depending on the care given. This game uses Giyaoppi logic.

-Giyaoppi 2
Same basic game as Giyaoppi with several changes: Game is now horseshoes and soccer, and there is a status bar under the main screen your pet resides on what gives the pet's needs.

- Giyaoppi, Super
A 9-in-1 virtual pet in the familiar Giyaoppi egg.

This game comes in an egg-shaped case that is clear white, white, red, and possibly other colors with four buttons. In this game you raise a dinosaur to adulthood. Package features hip-hop type art. Further description unavailable.

Comes in a duck-shaped case, and you raise a virtual duck. Most likely
from the same factory as Giyaoppi. Comes in blue and pink.

Same game as Soyadeto Grey.

Comes in 3 different styles

Parrot - Raise a parrot in this 3 button pet game. Comes in green and yellow.
Dinosaur - Raise a dinosaur. Comes in white only.
Monster - Comes in the shape of a dinosaur. Comes in black only.

-Heart Tune / Haa Chan (Japanese)
Raise a virtual heart as a pet. It grows through several stages then diverges into a cat, angel, demon, and some others marked by a "?" in the manual. You feed it via a "Heart beam", there's a little heart with wings on the outskirts of the screen which fires hearts at "'tune". The play option is "Touch", the 'tune appears on the screen and using the left/right buttons you pet it on it's sides. It sort of smooshes in accordance with the buttons, hitting both buttons literally "mashes" it flat. There's the cleaning function, and a whistle which calls it back if it decides to wander off (supposedly if you neglect it it'll leave and not respond to the whistle). But the most interesting thing about this one is when you start it up you also input your age, sex, and blood type. The final option is a "Fortune Telling" feature. According to the instructions it'll tell you your lucky color and number for the day, also some lucky and unlucky item for the day (out of money / home / school / girl / boy / meal / phone / study / play).
Amusing item from the instruction & package, "The time of this unit is only for playing, is not accurate". I've been running it for about two hours now and it's already gained about 10 minutes.

-Hiyoko (Baby Chicken)
Yet another virtual chicken game identical to Bird Watching with a package variation. The keychain game itself has a larger screen and the buttons are laid out to the sides of the screen instead of underneath it. The English instructions are delightfully obscene.

-Jyura Pet (Jurrasic Pet)
A virtual dinosaur pet game in which you raise a baby dinosaur. This game has implied "Lost World" licensing and sports the logo on the game/package.

-Karugamo Land
Comes in multicolored cases with three buttons. A virtual duck game. Further description unavailable

-Kawaii Nekochan
This game is a white oval case with four buttons, and is apparently made by the same manufacturer as Kyouryuu Game Gyaoo (who is still unknown). The game uses Tamagotchi logic.

Raise a virtual frog. Features Sanrio's Kero Kero Keroppi on the package, but it is doubtful that the character is licensed.

Description Unavailable

-Kyouryuu Game Giyaoo
Comes in a white oval case with varying artwork, usually that of a dinosaur. Has four buttons on the front, once is the recessed reset button. The game uses Tamagotchi logic.

-Little Mermaid
This officially Disney licensed product is made by Thinkway Toys in New York. You can play one of 5 different animals, a fish, baby, jellyfish, seahorse or crab. This pet has a pause function and all other normal virtual pet rules apply.

-Love Chu
A linkable virtual pet, links to another Love Chu. Concept is very similar to the Osutchi and Mesuchi

-Magic Egg
These pets, much like Cabbage Patch Dolls, come with a birth certificate. 2 games are included, golf and hula hoop. Comes in yellow, pink and white.

-Micro Pets
My Dino - Comes in clear blue and clear pink.
Trans/X - One of the few pets to have a pause feature. In addition, this pet has 4 buttons that can be used for a number of "advanced" features. Comes in silver, black or gold.

-Moshigo No Choubutsu
This virtual pet is almost an exact duplicate of a Japanese Tamagotchi with two major differences: first, the characters are all forms of dinosaurs, second, the quality, unlike the Tamagotchi, is suspect. The owner (Robert Worne) was approached in Chinatown by a man who distributes these. The man claimed that these were made in the same Chinese factories with the same parts that made the Japanese Tamagotchi. Unfortunately, the quality of the item seems to say otherwise. This game uses Tamagotchi logic.

-Mr. Funny
Raise a comedian!

-My Baby Bat
Also sold in the states in watch format.

-My Cute Dinosaur
This game allows you to name your dinosaur. If not treated correctly, he runs away and you're left dinosaurless. Comes in white, green, clear pink or clear blue.

-My Galaxy Pet
Raise an alien.

-My Little Cloopy
Another virtual puppy. Same case as the Pocket Turtle.

-My Little Kitty
A virtual kitten game. Similar to the Nano-Kitty in gameplay.

-My Lovely Kitty
Raise a kitty. Has 4 buttons, plus a reset button on the front. Comes in blue, yellow, green and pink.

-My Pocket Puppy
Another virtual puppy. Comes in a *large* variety of package variations, such as a 101 Dalmatians theme (unlicensed). The keychain is most commonly shaped like an ellipse with a logo on top, and Dalmatian spots on the sides of the game. It sports three buttons and a reset button on the front of the case.

-My Sweet Puppy
Raise a virtual puppy. Comes in blue, yellow, teal and green.

-Nano Pets
Baby, Talking
Double (kitty and puppy)
Kitty, Talking
Puppy, Talking
These pets are the same as the Tiger Giga-Pets, but the Tiger series does not include a human baby like this series from Playmates. In this series you cannot "kill" the pets, they run away from home. The baby just continually cries when the game ends badly or when the child reaches an age of three years. Each comes in the following different see-through colors: orange, green, silver and purple.

-Nano Fighters
Supreme Sumo
Alley Rumble
Rough Rider

With these pets, you raise them, and then can link them together (see DigiMon for the original makers of hook-together technology) and let them actually fight! In addition, you can hook up an unlimited number of these together for a ladder challenge match! The game keeps track of wins and losses and all normal pet rules apply. These each come in a variety of colors.

-Nekotcha aka Inutcha (American release)
Pastel heart-shaped case or mouse-shaped case with four buttons.
(description from Galen)
This is by far the worst virtual pet I have seen. It ages linearly through 8 life stages (if it doesn't die by then, it goes back to the first stage, explained by the instructions that you "raise it's kitten.") While the pet does have a range of functions (feed, bathroom, medicine, exercise, play, injury-care, napping, and dating, what's available depends on the life stage) and each function has 2 or 3 sub-options only one option* will make the cat happy. Too many wrong selections will kill the cat. The game is rather non-interactive, you just enter some function, and it makes the cat either happy or sad, there's no animation other than the cat's eyes moving up and down. There is only its happiness to monitor, and it'll never refuse anything which will please it for the particular stage, meaning you can feed it all day long, give it injections to your heart's content, or for the morbid, have it go under the operating knife repeatedly. It even keeps terrible time. Comes in pink, blue, white red and yellow and Inutcha comes in see-through clear.

*actually depending on the function and stage, sometimes no options will please it.

-New Tamago Watch
Comes in white case with three buttons. Further description unavailable.

-Penguin Watch
Comes in a light blue penguin-shaped case with four buttons. Features LED's in the "eyes" of the case to alert the user. Further description unavailable.

This game comes in a round, white case and possibly other colors. Raise a virtual Penguin pet. Further description unavailable.

In this game, you raise a Dinosaur. No further description is available.

-Petegg Chicken
Comes in a white case with three buttons, a virtual chicken game. Apparently from the same manufacturer as Moshigo No Choubutsu, with the same drawbacks.

This game is virtually the same as "Bird Watching" with different box and case. The game uses Giayappi Logic.

-Pocket Biscuits
Game is in the shape of a sandwich cookie, the case opens to play the game. Release is due in 6/97 or 7/97

-Pocket Chicken/Dinosaur
Comes in white and clear green heart shaped cases.

-Pocket Fish
This fish gets 1 year older every day. What your pocket fish will finally grow up to depends on how it is raised. You may find it turns into a lovely tropical fish, or a fierce hunter fish. You may also find that you raised a crab a jelly fish or a seahorse. The only thing missing is the reel! Comes in red, yellow or white.

-Pocket Fish, Electronic
This fish it poops like crazy, leave it alone for an hour and you'll probably come back to find a half dozen piles to clean up! (Hey, it's better than no information at all, right?!)

-Pocket Love
Comes in Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, and possibly clear green. This game is a virtual relationship game that plays similar to Tamagotchi. The Sanrio version comes in a white or pink Hello-Kitty head-shaped case.

-Pocket Pal
Comes in dinosaur and puppy varieties. This game contains 4 buttons instead of the normal 3. The buttons are Mode, Escape, Checking and Enter. Comes in yellow and white.

-Pocket Puppy
Released recently in the states (available in no short numbers at TRU and Kay Bee Toys), this pet puppy has 4 buttons to control the action. It contains real dog sounds and acts like a real dog. Comes in a variety of colors.

-Pocket Turtle
This three-button game is identical to the Japanese Tamagotchi in styling, but differs slightly in size (larger). Raise a baby turtle to adulthood. This game uses Tamagotchi Logic.

-Pterodactyl Baby
This one comes in "Ganbare Ryuta-kun" shell. No further information is available.

-Puppy Akachan
Strangely enough, you raise a Dinosaur in this game.

-Raku Raku Dino-kun
This digital pet comes in a five-button dinosaur-head shaped case and features a much larger than normal LCD display of the "pet dinosaur" you take care of. This game features several possible outcomes depending on the care given. Also, the clock function gains about two minutes per day, but it does not allow you to reset the time without starting over (however once in a while the game has "frozen" and gone into the time set mode, and resumes as normal). This game uses Giga-Pet Logic. It comes in Red, White, Yellow, and Aqua.

-Ramu Chitchi
Comes in pink, yellow and white with imitation Tamagotchi decals. Raise octopus-like aliens. This game uses Tamagotchi Logic.

-Rikou Rikou Chan aka Smarty (American)
Looks like this one is made by the same people as the RakuRaku Dino and Yuki Penguin, and like them, there's no manufacturer noted. You raise a boy and from the packaging pictures, there's pics of a student (w/robe & mortar), doctor, and gangster. There's a huge number of buttons, ESC, CLOCK, ENTER, and four more arranged in a diamond, and two extra icons showing arrows, so there's probably more functions than the normal keychain game. Comes in blue, white or red.

-Smart Chick (Smart Hiyoko)
This is another virtual chicken game identical to Bird Watching with a
package variation.

-Sodateyo Gray
Raise an alien in this purple spaceship-shaped case. This version is different from the Tiger version. Further description unavailable.

-Super Pet
This pet allows you to accelerate the growth rate if you don't want to wait for your pet to grow up. It keeps track of your pet's growth and you can view a photo album of your pets growth at any time. In addition, it allows you to put the pet into hibernation. Comes in pink, white or blue.

-Sweet Baby
A girl is raised in this one. The display isn't the usual matrix of pixels that all other
pets display, instead the LCD screen is filled with lines and "parts" to compose the girl
(full body) For example the mouth display is something like this:
./ \.
A smile may be shown as:
. .
Frown as:
/ \
And shown as a whole may be used for expressions such as surprise.

There's (going by what's displayed in the manual) some half dozen components per eye plus tears, sweat, that crosshatch thing (#), and assuming the manual is accurate, they show nearly 50 faces is states of happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, disappointment, joy, etc. On her appearances, (hair, clothes) there's seemingly several dozen states she may be in. The manual lists these Facial Changes: happy anger, sad, cry, hungry, snoozing, sleeping, pain, embarrassed, tense, blinking, making faces, willful, eating, and pissed-off (yea, po'd). Comes in

-Tako Seijin
Same basic game as Raku-Raku Dinokun and Yuki Penguin. Raise a virtual
alien by feeding it batteries and light-bulbs. Comes in white, black, red and blue.

-Tamago-gata Watch
Comes in ovoid-shape case, in bright colors. Further description unavailable.

Originally came in 6 different colors, with decals on the face. Otherwise same as the US version with the US version having minor changes in the graphics.

This is the virtual pet that started it all. The original series came in see-through blue, see-through green and 10 other bright colors. US debut was scheduled for May 1st, 1997, but some leaked out 2 to 3 weeks early. These pets (according to Bandai) do not die, but the angel displayed on the screen of an aged/mistreated pet suggests otherwise.

-Tamagotchi, New
Description Unavailable

-Tamagotchi Mesutchi
A linkable virtual pet, links to the Osu-chi. The Mesutchi is a female
Tamagotchi, link them possibly to form offspring. Comes in a pink case
with a removable top to link units.

-Tamagotchi Osutchi
A linkable virtual pet, links to the Mesutchi. The Osu-chi is a male Tamagotchi, link them possibly to form offspring. Comes in a blue case with a removable top to link units.

-Tamago Game
Comes in a white case with three buttons. Raise a virtual chicken. This game uses Giyaoppi Logic.

-Tanoshi (Puppy)
Yet another virtual puppy. Same logic as the nano-series.

-Tenshitchi Tamagotchi (Angel's Egg)
Available in three colors, raise the Angels of dead Tamagotchi. Rumored to have sound and vibration sensitivity in which you can summon your pet by these methods. This game will have problems in the US, because officially "Tamagotchi don't die"... Comes in Silver, Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink.

-Toy Story
This officially Disney licensed product comes in the shape of the spaceship in Toy Story and is made by Think Way of New York. You can control 3 different creatures, an alien, bird or dog. This game has a pause function and all normal virtual pet rules apply.

Identical to the Nano-Puppy, and comes in a pear-shaped case with four buttons.

Raise a virtual little girl. Basically a virtual doll. Dress and discipline your virtual girl, and she'll either grow up to be an upstanding member of society, or a street tramp. (Clint's note) Cool! I've always wanted to own a street tramp…

-Virtual Alien
Comes in a Silver spaceship case with yellow, pink or white trim.

-Virtual Buddy: Part 2
No further information is available

-Virtual Buddy: Part 3 - 10 in 1
Choose from 10 different animals/creatures: horse, duck, alien, cat, penguin, panda, frog, dog, dino, bird-watching-bird

-Virtual Pet
Identical in every respect to the Nano-Puppy save quality. This item has a dog-shaped face and is available in several pastel colors with five buttons across the face. This game uses Giga-pet logic.

-Virtual Pet Frog
No further information is available.

-Wan Tatchi
Identical to the Nano-Puppy, and comes in a pear-shaped case with four buttons.

-Wan Wan Story: My Puppy
Comes in a case of various colors (usually white). Similar to the Nano-Puppy.

-Yuki Penguin aka Dinkie Penguin
This is pretty much identical to the Rakuraku Dinokun and Tako Seijin but with different (Penguin) graphics. The packaging and manual is very similiar to the Dino though oddly it also came with English instructions...for the Dinkie Dino. Comes in red, black, blue and green.

-Your New Pet Dinosaur
No further information is available

-??? na Shoubutsu
Description Unavailable

IVc. Non-Pet Brick Games

-123 in 1
Contains "Shooting Game", "Line Eraser", "Twin Guncolumn", "Diamond Hunter", "Doctor Virus", "Sokoban" and "I.Q. Square". Comes in black only.

-155 Mini Game
This 155 Mini Game contains the following:
A. "Dam Dam Shooting": patterns of blocks descend and you just shoot them away before they reach the bottom, it's like the "Space Invader" game.
B. "Machine Gun": this also appears in my "SI" keychain, but as a variation of the Space Invader game, the one where the shots you fire fill in blocks, and when you fill a horizontal line, it and all those below clear.
C. "Twin Bomber": Same as A but with a double-cannon.
D. "Super PuyoMaru": It's Columns! However you need to line up at least 4 of
the same "color" (since the game basically only has 3 colors)
E. "PuyoMaru Gem Search": This one is like "Flash" Columns.
F. "MechaMecha PuyoMaru": (mechamecha="messy"), same as E, but the target gems aren't embedded in a pile of others, just floating in empty space.
G. "Security Boy": Sokoban
H. "IQ Hopper": Puzznic (I think that's the title. Taito's puzzle game where you control a little blob who shoves patterned blocks into a larger pile)
It comes in purple only.

-155 Mini Game (different)
This game contains everything the one above does and the following 2 games:
"Excite Block": Tetris Rip-Off
"Power Block": Tetris with an extended block set and other items (eg, bombs)
It comes in 6 colors: clear, clear pink, clear orange, black, purple and pink.

It says in the instructions for this one that with the level and speed options, you have _6377_ game patterns!

-32 in 1
Contains "Brick Game" and "Power Brick" games. Come in a variety of colors, including pink, green and purple.

Imagine this… Having to select the games one by one. Holding the select button down and makes it fly through about 820 per minute. But you need to release and re-press the button again every so often, since if you hold it down and don't release, the game considers things to be "idle" and shuts off in 2 minutes. It plays a reasonably good game of tetris, 10 square wide well, and doesn't give those 4-long pieces too often unlike some other tetris keyrings (then again, sometimes this can be a minus =^) But, two things I don't like about it are: no "NEXT" indicator, and the "T" shaped piece doesn't rotate at its junction point.

-Baby Game
On the Packaging it says "Baby Game", on the outside of the game it says "Space Panic", and when you open it, it says "Babyboy"! 512 games.

This game comes in a purple package with the word "blockade" written on the right of the lcd screen. There are 9 different games (1-8 and A), ranging from Tetris (a complete rip-off) to Car Racing, Shooting and Adventure games. Different skill levels (8) for each game exist.

-Brick GP
This unlicensed Tetris game comes in a white case and features 8 variations of the "Tetris" theme: Traditional Tetris, Side-Scrolling Tetris, and Tetris with rising bricks. The other four are the same as the first four, except that the screens are upside-down.

-Hello Kitty Super 3 Mini Gamer
Available in a pink "Hello Kitty" motif, this girl's game features some "unusual" choices of brick games: Snake, Car Race, and a Shooting Game loosely based on Galaxian.

-Pikorin 55
This game comes in Silver, Yellow and Black. Plays various block games: Snake, and others in 55 variations. A Korean version is also available. Further description not available.

-Pocket Games
These are a number of different games apparently packaged on a generic card, the front saying "Pocket Games" and a collage of things, tetris pieces, a karate-guy, race car, etc... on the back are pictured several (seperate) games. No manufacturer is noted.
G-7 Motorcycle
G-8 Speed Racing
G-9 Brick Erection (Tetris)
G-17 Pinball
G-18 Royal Fighter

-Space Panic 118-in-1
This game comes in a variety of different colors. On the packaging is "118-in-1 Space Panic" but on the game is "Space Game 118-in-1".

-Space Panic Super 97
This game comes in a black case and has 97 variations of seven different games.

-Space Panic 9696
This brick game has 9,696 different game variations! It starts at 0001 every time you turn the thing on, and only goes in one direction. So if you wanted to play 7530, but accidentally pressed an extra time and for 7531, you're hosed. The game contains the normal Brick type games.

-Tetris Jr. Foreign/US
This licensed game comes in a clear blue or gray case and has three styles of packaging: 1) Red cardboard backing, 2) Purple cardboard backing, and 3) Bundled with Tetris 2 for the Sony PSX or Sega Saturn in a Target-exclusive special. This item features the Tetris music and multiple skill levels.

IVd. Non-Brick, Non-Pet Games

Mame Game #4. This licensed game comes in a rather large white oval case. Gameplay is similar to the Bomberman arcade: Clear the screen of bad guys (with bombs), and find the exit. This is attempted against a countdown timer. This game also has a more unique display of a sandwiched LCD panel that has two layers of graphics. Gameplay occurs over 4 virtual screens. Plays the Bomberman theme music, has power-ups (extra bomb, and extra power), and even has boss levels!

-Car Racing
This game comes in an orange package and has the words "Car Racing" written above the lcd screen. It is, by far, the most common type of lcd handheld -- A simple driving game where you have to avoid hitting other cars. A few differences from the norm are that there is a car that comes behind you that you have to avoid and you can move the car forward on the screen (to avoid the car behind you).

-Crazy Climber
Mame Game #6. Comes in a clear blue case, this keychain game is an adaptation of the Crazy Climber arcade game. Has a 3-level normal mode, and a 2-level time trial mode.

Mame Game #5. Comes in a clear green case, this keychain game is an adaptation of the Galaxians arcade game. Has 99 levels and scores up to 99990 points. 3 difficulty levels.

-Go! Go! Koni-chan
Mame Game #3. Comes in a clear yellow case, this keychain game is a puzzle game that apparently uses a tetris-style gameplay. Instead of bricks, you line up hands that drop in a rock-paper-scissors position to make adjacent hands disappear.

-Happy Pak-kun
This unlicensed Pac-Man clone comes in either a white or black case and has 9 virtual screens in which you run about a maze. It contains 8 skill levels.

-Jurassic Park Dino Attack
This game is shaped like a Game Gear. No further information is available.

Mame Game #2. This arcade translation comes is a rather large clear oval case. Gameplay is similar to the Pac-Man arcade, but with a smaller maze that covers two virtual screens and only three ghosts. Mazes change on different levels, and this game also features intermissions after every four completed levels. Also plays the Pac-Man theme music.

This arcade translation comes in a blue case with "Pac-Man" written across the top. The game itself, is quite different from the arcade game. The maze is different for each level and the cherry moves around the maze, randomly appearing and disappearing.

This arcade translation comes in a variety of transparent case colors. On the front of the packaging is in Chinese "Little spirit", on the back "Pac Man", and on the unit "P-Man".

-Pikorin Petit
This is another keychain game designed for girls and comes in a clear white case with red buttons. This game has a slot that allows insertion of "Print Club" photos to be the backdrop for the playfield. Print Club is an immensely popular Japanese photo booth that takes a picture and prints out a sheet of stamp-sized photos with cartoon-ish borders to share with friends. It also has the same problem that the "Hello Kitty" game has, odd game selections: Breakout, and Tank Battle. Several utilities also exist in the game: a countdown timer, and an odd display game that covers and uncovers patterns of bricks, which is used in conjunction with the "Print Club" feature.

This keychain is a version of the popular Japanese game Puyo Puyo. Puyo Puyo was converted for the states on the Genesis as "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine". One of the more fun keychain games I've played, the object is to stack 4 like "beans" together to remove them from the screen. In the cartridge version of the game, there are up to 8 different kinds of beans that can be stacked. In this version, there are only 3, which cuts down on replayability. In fact, There are 3 difficulty levels, but I don't think this game has ever beaten me, even on hard. I've simply just gotten tired of playing it and forced it to end. There is another more interesting version of the game, where you have a timer that counts down and you try and score as high as possible in the amount of time given.

-Slot Machine, Mini
This Sanrio license is your basic slot machine game.

-Sokoban 55
Comes in clear case with red buttons, this game plays 55 different levels of Sokoban, the Japanese box-shoving puzzle game.

-Space Invaders
Mame Game #1. Comes in oversized clear dark blue case. This is a licensed Space Invaders game in which you have 2 virtual screens to do battle. Features base "shields" that slowly (or quickly, depending on skill level) crumble when shot at.

-Space Invaders
Comes in solid gray or clear blue case. This is a licensed Space Invaders that plays almost like the Bandai version, except for a much smaller size (about the size of a Zippo Lighter). This game has two virtual screens in which you shoot at advancing invaders, and crumbling bases.

Mame Game #7. Comes in a clear pink case, clear colorless case or a white case, this keychain game's function is unknown, but appears to be a version of Puyo-Puyo (or Kirby's Avalanche) using Tamagotchi characters.

-UFO Battler
Description Unavailable

V. Other interesting utilities/Miscellaneous

1. Photo holder: for "Print Club" photos, you can place a photo of your beloved in the playfield of the game (it's used as a backdrop). Print Club machines are Japanese photo booths that produce stamp-sized adhesive photographs. The particular game with this feature allows the user to cover & uncover portions of the playfeild with bricks.
2. Countdown timer: displays hourglass from 3 to 160 minutes, then sets off an alarm.

  1. Recently, Tamagotchi merchandise has started to pop up. So far, we've seen:

Halloween Costumes,
Board Game,
V.Pet "holders",
Bean Pets,

Thanks for reading!