Welcome to the Handheld Pictures Pages!

Thanks for stopping by! For those of you that have been here previously, you'll notice a few changes... First of all, I had to go with frames. With the amount of information I need to include and the fact that it changes often (I get new pictures for a certain companies games/etc.), I had no other choice unless I wanted to torture myself everytime I needed to make the smallest changes.

I've also messed around with the fonts a bit to make the page look better. The actual handheld picture link pages are unformatted, so your browser controls how they look. I did that on purpose, but can change it if everyone prefers.

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Update Information:

6/2/00: Added 2 new instruction manuals; Game Child & Maniac
6/2/00: Added new sections; Milton Bradley & Conic
6/2/00: Added tons of games in Acclaim, Bandai, Bambino, Misc., Misc. Foreign, Konami, Mattel, Nelsonic, Radio Shack... Just about every section has at least one new game. :)

5/31/00: Added 2 new instruction manuals; Comp 4 & Super Simon

5/25/00: Working on the pictures section (it needs LOTS of work :)

5/19/00: Added tons of new games! I'm finally getting this down. :)

5/18/00: Added the Instructions section - check it out! Added Radica.

5/10/00: WOO WOO! Finished all the different companies! Now, I need to work on the individual sections.

5/10/00: Finished POP, Radio Shack, Sears & Sunwing (Only 6 more companies to go!!!)

5/8/00: Finished P&T, Miscellaneous_foreign, Nintendo & Playtime

5/5/00: Finished Miscellaneous

5/2/00: Input Mattel, Grandstand, Ludotronic, Liwaco, Lansay, Micro Games and started on Misc. Whew, that's a lot of work!

4/29/00: Retyped this file since I accidentally overwrote the previous one I had. Bummer. I liked that file! :)