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Any answers I can get to the following question will be appreciated.
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Here is a picture of some playing pieces to one or more 50's or 60's era game. One of these games is Conflict by Parker Brothers, 1964, which is a game about airplanes. Does anyone know any other game/s that these pieces belong to? Spaceship playing pieces jpeg.
Any infomation about the game Star Battles. Is the Star Trek Game: Action and Adventure in Outer Space by Hasbro the same as the Star Trek Game by Ideal? Can anyone tell more about Star Wars Missions Game possibly by Scholastic?a Star (Space) Centurions X (# may be off) from Spartan game mag. in early 70's. A complete space campaign system. Any info on this? Last heard of early 80's. Is there any contact information for "Uncontrollable Dungeon Master" Do the following games include spaceships as part of the game? Galaxy by SoPac (circa 1970's) designed by B. Pointer. Interstellar Skirmishes by MT3? Colony Delta (1979) designed by A.Gruen by Fantasy Games Unlimited? Rigelian Wars (1974) designed by S. Cole by Jagdpanther? Galaxy (1970's) designed by B.Pointer by Southern Pacific Games? Interstellar Skirmishes by MT3? Star Cross (1983) designed by D.Nalle by Ragnarok? The War of the Worlds (1974) designed by P.Orbanes by Rand Game Association? Astronaut (1980's) by T.Cleaver? Tac Company War? Imperium Galactica? Universe (1966) by Parker Bros.? Colonisator by Eurogames,Gentilly (France), 1989? Stellar Explorations, is it even a game? Star Empires (card game) by Stargames, Portland (Or), 1987? Flash Gordon Game (1977) House of Games? Flash Gordon Game (1965) by Game Gems? Doesn't look like it include spaceships. Xenon Empire's Star Wars (1977) by Taurus Games? Duel of the Sun Slayers (1977) by Taurus Games? Meganation (1988) by EDS? Space Dice by Present Games? Proximity Zero? Is Orion by Monash Games still in print? Is Monash Games still in business?
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