Spaceship Board Game List Part2

Last updated - July 24, 2007

This is an attempt to list all of the spaceship board games both in and out of print. If you have items to add or mistakes to point out please email them to me at "thomas . granvold @ sun . com". Remove all spaces in the email address. This is unfortunatly needed to cut down on spam emails I receive.
If the name of the game is a link, then it will load its picture.
I only own a few of these games, many I have not even seen. What I do have is not for sale. Click here for suggesetions on how to find out of print/production games/miniatures.
  • Astra Penteres (1999) by Mike Dugan
            Spaceship rules that are part of the role playing game
            Stellar Sanctums.  The rules can be found online at
  • Astromachia (1997) by Peter Drake and Microgame Coop
            No longer available
  • Attack Force (1982) by TSR
            "Statfighters Stalk Planet Killer", stock # 4009.
            Designed by D. Ritchie.
  • Attack in the Asteroids (1990) by TSR
            Out of print.  This was a TSR Comics Module.
            "Ship to ship combat from the XXVc Game."
  • Awful Green Things from Outer Space (1988, 2000) by TSR and by Steve Jackson Games
            The crew of a spaceship fight green alien invaders. 
            Desgined by Tom Wham.  Orginally published in Dragon
            Magazine circa 1980.  Steve Jackson Games picked up
            the rights to this game when TSR let it go out of print.
  • Azhanti High Lightning (1980) by GDW
            Out of print.
            A game of combat onboard a starship.  This game
            is set in the Traveller universe.
            This games has also been included in a book, along with
            other games, that includes the rules, map, board and
            counter images (reduced in size).  See The Classic Games.

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