Spaceship Card and Dice Games

Last updated - July 3, 2008

This is an attempt to list all of the spaceship card and dice games both in and out of print. If you have items to add or mistakes to point out please email them to me at "thomas . granvold @ sun . com". Remove all spaces in the email address. This is unfortunatly needed to cut down on spam emails I receive.
  • Wing Commander by Mag Force 7
        Wing Commander deck & booster (available mid 1990's)
        out of print
  • Wing Commander Fighters (circa 2003) by Warp Spawn Games
        A card game that also uses a chess board of
        fighter combat inspired by the Wing Commander
        computer game.  The rules can be found at
  • Young Jedi (1999) by Decipher Games
        A collectable card game.

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